Heroes' Blood 2022

Thursday, March 23, 2023

2 IN THE CHEST Heroes' Blood Release party feedback.


What went into the successful


HeroesBlood Experiance

March 18h 2023 The 44 Sports Grill and Nightlife

Reverend Blackmore Jackson McBride 

March 20th 2023

Most Photos Taken By John Roland



Hey you awesome Meatbags. It started way back when I was a little guy back in the 70s when I was introduced to KISS. Ever since then, I wanted to have my own full concept live performance.


The trek down the road that brought us to March 18th at the 44 Sports grill and Nightlife was long and grueling.


When you have a dream, it is hard to find people dedicated enough to help 

you achieve that dream. It starts with finding people that are not prideful self-absorbed and try to change your lifelong dream. I have those people in this amazing family that have stood behind me and supported me every step of the way.


Along the way more and more people were guided onto the 2 IN THE CHEST path and I am forever grateful for all those people.


So many people believed in this dream along the way and although they are not with us, they were all vital members to get us to where we are now.


 We are not to the finish line yet, there are still so very many steps to take before we reach the goal.


Another thing people do not know, is that every member of 2  IN THE CHEST over the years are still very loved family members, and each and everyone one of them for the most part left the family on good terms.


The fans of, and new fans of 2 IN THE CHEST are so very special to the 2 IN THE CHEST family. This is why we grind day after day to make the next performance better than the last one. March 18th sent 2 IN THE CHEST launching foreword to the next goal.


We are a true modern day Partridge family as well as literally. It took two

years to put together the 3rd CD release performance.  The time I met Tim Landis, to the time he dove in and made it his life to join the mission and bring my vision to life, was the day my flame to reach the ultimate live show was reignited. With Tim as my Number 1 he straightened my path to start back down the road to reaching the finish line of the perfect audio visual performance that no one would ever forget.


Although we have come a long way, there are still several goals that have to be met and with my family 2 IN THE CHEST I know we will get it done.


One thing I want all you amazing people who believe in us and this incredible family to know is; it has never been about money, although it would be nice to achieve the national dream so many have; the payoff for all of us are the smiles we bring to all who attend our live performances. I live in a semi because next to caring for my kids; this band gets all my money. The show we just performed cost us just shy of 4 thousand dollars to put together. And we achieved the next step in the evolution of 2 IN THE CHEST.


We would like to thank everyone involved in this well-oiled machine behind this incredible release. When you come to a show and have a smile on your face we achieved our goal. But what many do not understand is, the years of preparation that went into this hour and fifteen minute event.

All the amazing people behind the scenes that made this show possible. Bryon  Mogul for setting aside many hours to make videos promoting the show, To the people that let us use the stage extensions, to Paul Watkins for audio video giving to all the people a video visual enhancing performance, to our wardrobe person Tonja Partridge who 

Made our outfits as well as run the Merch booth, to all the people running around during the show, TJ Boone for being my wardrobe tech and Bass Tech For Mary Ella and guitar tech for myself, Mady Landis and Dave Bigsby for loading and unloading the entire set staying with us for 17

hours to make this show a success, and getting everything ready for the curtain call, To Dave Williams for running his tail off making sure everything was on target before show start, and making sure everything is working properly. To all those that did their best to promote this event to give those who did attended; the best show we have ever done to date. To Page Mills although she had to go to work early in the morning; stayed to help us tear down and load the trailers. These people were the true heroes. THANK YOU!!!



Now that it is all over we can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Another thing

you do not know is that 1 hour and 15 mins on stage started at 9am and we did not leave until 4am. None of us could move by the end of the night, but all this work was well worth it.


Thank you to all the people that did come out to the show and shared the dream. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!


And to The band Addict3d my awesome brothers I love you.  Bryon Mogul and his awesome band. To the 44 and Nancy for allowing us to take over her venue to bring this event to the people. THANK YOU!!!



Oh we are not done yet

JOKER Jeremiah DeWitt you sir have never failed us you always bring the best out of us with your expert sound. THANK YOU!!!

Oh! Cannot forget Dru Tang who brought a light show for this performance that we never thought possible. THANK YOU !!! AND 

LAST BUT IN NO WAY LEAST.  Casey Weaver the engineer of Steampunk Audio Labs behind this incredible CD that we played almost in its entirety. This is our third Record in this awesome studio and will not be the last.


THANK YOU!!! To everyone that experienced the 2 IN THE CHEST Heroes’ Blood Release We hope you come to see us again, for the improved version of this performance. PEACE LOVE & 2 IN THE CHEST