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2 IN THE CHEST: A Family-Fueled Band Blazing Trails with Steampunk-Infused Southern Bluesy Metal


Arizona's music scene is ablaze with excitement as the sensational quintet, 2 IN THE CHEST, continues to astound music enthusiasts across the state and beyond. Comprising five supremely talented members who each bring their unique flair to the stage, this band is making waves with their extraordinary fusion of hard rock and southern bluesy metal, all wrapped in a captivating Wild West concept. But there's more to this band than meets the ear - their discography and recording process add layers of depth and intrigue to their already spellbinding story.


Their journey began with a fiery debut, "Iron Smoke and Spit," a record dedicated to the Native Indians as a tribute to their enduring spirit throughout history. With this release, 2 IN THE CHEST proved they were more than just musicians; they were storytellers, weaving powerful narratives through their music.


Their second record, "Lead Jacket in a Pine Box," further solidified their place in the music world, showcasing their ability to craft intense, soulful songs that resonated with their growing fan base. It was a testament to their evolving artistry and commitment to pushing boundaries.


Now, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch as they unleash their third record, which dropped in December of 2022. This time, they've delved into the annals of history, exploring the legendary story of the Alamo. But, being the unique creative force they are, 2 IN THE CHEST added their signature twist to the tale, infusing it with a flavor that only they can produce. The result is a concept record that transports listeners to a different time and place, immersing them in the drama, heroism, and tragedy of the Alamo like never before.


To achieve their sonic brilliance, 2 IN THE CHEST took their musical endeavors to Steampunk Audio Labs, a creative haven helmed by the visionary Casey Weaver. It's here that their sound truly comes to life, where the essence of steampunk and the Old West meld seamlessly, creating a sonic landscape unlike any other.


With each record, 2 IN THE CHEST has proven their dedication to their craft and their passion for storytelling through music. Their fusion of hard rock and southern bluesy metal continues to captivate audiences, while their commitment to a rich Wild West concept sets them apart in a music industry often dominated by trends.


The chemistry between the members of 2 IN THE CHEST, rooted in their shared family experience and love for southern bluesy metal, is palpable, and their ability to feed off each other's energy is a testament to their remarkable musical partnership. Their dedication to their craft and their commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience to their fans, all while embracing their Wild West concept, is truly commendable.


As 2 IN THE CHEST continues to build their fan base and gain recognition, it's clear that their journey is just beginning. With a dedicated following in Arizona and growing interest from music enthusiasts worldwide, the future looks incredibly promising for this extraordinary quintet.


So, if you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing 2 IN THE CHEST live or delving into their discography, now is the perfect time to discover the magic of this Arizona gem. Keep an eye out for their upcoming shows, and prepare to be swept away by the thundering chords, captivating narratives, and infectious energy that define 2 IN THE CHEST. Arizona's music scene has a bright star in this unique family-oriented band, and their gritty, soulful, southern bluesy metal is sure to continue resonating with audiences for years to come.


YETI Radio interview. 

We just finished up in the studio with the brand new record “HEROES BLOOD” we are getting things buttoned up and it will be available very soon.

after a little over a year in the studio its finally done and we are very pleased with the outcome of this 3rd addition.

Mary Ella O’Sullivan has really stepped up on this new release so when you see us live she will surely entertain. playing drums, bass, piano and she even sings one of the new songs. “Kimby The Mason McDaniel’s” the newest addition to the 2ITC camp, has really stepped up as well. He has taken a great weight off The Revs shoulders and really went to work. He’s taken up a very large roll in the studio this time around.

Kimbys daughter played a big roll in one of our songs as well, great set of pipes on that little lady.

Casey weaver The engineering guru of Steampunk Audio Labs grabbed ahold of the bucking bronco and did a fantastic job with this new record.

This will be the third time we recorded a full record in this amazing studio. eg.


The new release will be available for streaming, and physical copies as well very soon.

You know we have to do all the legal stuff. Ya yuck no one likes all that mumbo jumbo. But hey we will get it done and out to all of you very soon.

Here is a message from the Steampunk Audio Labs Engineer Casey.

"The studio has put me in line with some amazing people and this man right here is one of THE best, most creative and talented individuals I’ve ever come across. 

If I wasn’t lucky enough to be producing his band 2 In The Chest, I’d def be a fan! 

We just wrapped production on their newest disc “Heroes Blood” and oh boy, it’s a good one! 

His music (along with his VERY good background voices and effects) reminds me of old time radio that paints a picture just with sounds, almost a theatre in your mind! Love it! AND he also has a big heart and brought me the rad ass gift! Support 2 In the Chest and look for this release soon!"




Written by Selene Ball on July 16th, 2021

                  I’m a hard sell when it comes to a show, but I’ve been around the Phoenix music scene for a very long time. I’m almost as old as dirt; I was here when Phoenix flourished in its prime, and I was here when the sound of music in this city was barely audible above a death-rattle.

Back in the day, you couldn’t rent an un-air conditioned storage shed in July without tripping over a practicing four-piece band. There was gold in these here hills. Until there wasn’t. Then, the city became a morgue as, one by one, the iconic venues died. 

No more Devil House, Bostons, Desperados, Hammerheads, Gibsons, Bash on Ash, or Club Rio… no more Electric Ballroom, no more Mason Jar, and no more Hollywood Alley. If time didn’t change all things, the 2008 market crash certainly did. 

Those that survived didn’t last much longer. Goodbye, Joe’s Grotto. No sooner, it seemed, had we paid our respects when the pandemic washed more away, like a flood might if it ever rained in the desert anymore. Goodbye Club Red.

I live in a ghost town, haunted by spirits and lost souls that once sang and danced to the music of my own youth, but with faces I no longer recall.

In any case: It ain’t easy to beat that.

Or so I thought. And then, I bought a 2 IN THE CHEST t-shirt at a show a few months ago. I mean, I actually paid money for it. Willingly. 

I honestly can’t put a finger on the last time I bought a concert t-shirt at a concert, much less one that carried the branding of a local band. Remembering this – or not, I became determined to know more about the group that had for the first time in a long time blown me away.

Best saddle-up that stud you’ve been dragging to the watering hole, because 2 IN THE CHEST is about to play a deadman’s hand…

Velvet De Blonko


As Reverend Blackmore Jackson McBride tells it from the pulpit, the band behind my new fave apparel has humble beginnings, “Early in 2007, I met with Velvet De Blonko at a metal festival. At the time, neither one of us knew the other played an instrument… but as soon as we did, I pitched my concept to her and she was all in.” Today, McBride (singer-songwriter, rhythm guitar) and De Blonko (drums) are joined by

Kimby The Mason McDaniels

Kimby The Mason McDaniels (backing vocals, rhythm guitar), Jameson Jack Coburn (lead guitar), 

Shotgun Lloyd Magill

Shotgun Lloyd Magill (bass guitar), and the wiley Mary Ella O’Sullivan. Altogether, this band of outlaws makes for a state-sized range of talent on a stage straight outta Old Tucson. No denying that.

“It has always been my dream to bring not only entertaining music to audiences, but also a visual performance no one would ever forget,” explains McBride. “Most of all, I want to see everyone smiling and enjoying themselves at the shows.”

It’s hard to describe a 2 IN THE CHEST show. Theatrical? Definitely… but not in a cheesy way; theatrical in a cool, exacting, the devil-is-in-the-details sort of way. When the venue is equipped with a large enough stage and the band has carte blanche access, the result is unlike anything else in the Valley of the Sun.

Imagine a dive bar transformed into an old western drag, complete with a jail, a saloon, and a handy, unmarked pine coffin on deck in the event of a gunfight. Now imagine all the actors from Little House on the Prairie, but dead and playing

Jameson Jack Coburn

instruments (yes, at the same time). Essentially, I’m saying this show might look a lot like the set of Poltergeist II – if it was a music video directed by Clint Eastwood. Somehow, the whole act blends together so well as to be virtually seamless in execution, almost perfectly normal, such that the average guy at the bar would never realize how much effort is going on under the spotlight. 

When the band brings all the bells and whistles, this is easily one of the most elaborate shows I’ve ever seen at a local level.    

Or maybe not so local after all? Believe it or not, the legendary status of 2 IN THE CHEST has reached well-beyond the outback – past the Sonoran, the new frontier, the great plains, and across the river Styx. I have it on good authority that a radio DJ in far-away New Zealand (that one place, past Australia) once coined these brigands “the world’s only rustic outlaw southern hard rock / metal band.” 

Mary Ella O’Sullivan

That does sum it up rather nicely. I agree, the band’s wanted poster wouldn’t be complete without a roughly-drawn sketch of what would happen if Motorhead’s late Lemmy Killmister and any one of the three dudes from ZZ Top had a love child, but insist that the real life spectacle must be seen in living color to truly appreciate this band’s worth. In brief, this band will surprise the [bleep] out of you.

Incidentally, ZZ Top (Bike Week, 2018) was actually the last big concert I believe I was genuinely impressed by. 

An unfair sentiment from the get, since my exposure to said group was limited to MTV; I knew ZZ Top as the trio of bearded guys in super-dark sunglasses that wrote songs about girls who apparently got makeovers and had great legs, stilettos, and cool cars. 

What was the big deal? I confess, I only went to the concert because I got in for free – but I was wowed in short order. Slack-jawed amazed. Those good old boys (what are they now… 70-something?) tore up a huge stage, and sounded really fn good about it too. Better than most musicians half their age. Because I was glued to the scene, I can report that performance was impeccable. For me, it set a new bar.

Ironically, McBride’s vocals are often said to be Lemmy-like, and I have often compared 2 IN THE CHEST with ZZ Top in casual conversation (not just because of the beards). Similar bluesy riffs over driving rhythms that summon steel horses aside, the two share the distinction of making my head spin right around on the tippy-top of my adjacent neck to see wtf is happening on that stage. 

Each time I’ve seen 2 IN THE CHEST, it’s been the same: These guys are good. Like, really good.

Without a doubt, our primo banditos know what they’re doing, and they do it well. I have discovered that the group, itself, operates like a well-oiled machine. 

Every part is integrated and performs a necessary function – from the eldest among them to the youngest member. Even as McBride, the driving force for the band, travels for work, McDaniels steps in as a slick second. Meanwhile, McBride continues to forward the band and remains committed to progress from the road, touching base and conducting business – I like to envision, safe from the Pinkertons in secluded cantinas tended by salty senoritas. 

To say that the band’s streamlined, cohesive, dallies and dealings suggest a tightly-knit unit falls short; 2 IN THE CHEST operates as a family unit in many ways, particularly when it comes to 2.5 kids and a picket fence.

McBride explains, “De Blonko and I have an autistic son on the extreme end of the spectrum. 

We love our children, but that has been somewhat limiting; it has kept us from reaching for the bigger goal. We did go out on tour in 2017, but we had to know our son was cared for while we were gone… It cost us our home at the time, and a ton of money,” 

No doubt, overcoming the challenges associated with balancing music, work and child-rearing requires a concerted effort for this pair, but this band has built-in routines and proven systems in place to facilitate working together in cooperation.

Forgive me, Reverend. I was just overjoyed. Here, I thought, I had come to the end of a journey. I had seen it all, the rise and fall, and I sensed it was curtains for me… when lo, did I see in the wasteland before me something that convinced me – for a moment, however fleeting – that I was, in fact, still alive.

            “I love to see people having a great time when we perform… and I love performing with the amazing players on stage with me. They’re having an incredible time as well,” says McBride.

Things I’ve learned from 2 IN THE CHEST:

1) Clint Eastwood would have made awesome music videos.

2) There might be a nugget of value left in this godforsaken place. Not in the hills, but in the wild creativity and the talent that seem to flourish in simple, beautiful things, like family-time and story-telling. Maybe we’re all overthinking it too much, and taking ourselves too seriously. Maybe we haven’t been dreaming enough, or having as much fun as we should. Those of us who have been here for more than a spell are surely spooked, but not by the seemingly-otherworldly people and places of yesteryear. We’ve been jailed in this ghost town by none other than our own limited thinking.

3) Always make new friends at metal festivals, and definitely, buy the t-shirt. 


True stories of the old west come to life on stage when 2 IN THE CHEST performs.

2 IN THE CHEST is making quite a name for themselves. When you go see a show it’s way more than just the music, it’s like busting open the swinging doors of some eighteenth century saloon,

bellying up to the bar, and not only hearing the amazing music but listening to stories from the old west that they tell during the performance. Everything 2 IN THE CHEST does is part of that story. The characters, the clothes, the vibe…all are pieces to the incredible puzzle that this band has put together.

From beginning to end their set is a pioneering journey through the past, and everyone from young to not so young leave a 2 IN THE CHEST show with a smile and a never ending memory of the fantastic time they had.

They have a great eye for art and how to tie it in with the music that they write. Even the bands logo was meticulously hand crafted. Fronted by Reverend Black Jack McBride, this band of dead pioneers which by the way each have their own stories, makes every show well worth the cover to get in whatever it may be. Both audibly and visually…you will not be disappointed. With Dr. Dagmar Jordanson on the bass, and Velvet De Blonko, on the drums and from time to time special guests, 2 IN THE CHEST knows how to put on a show! With their hard driving Southern Metal sound and their ghostly theatrics, they are sure to entertain.