Heroes' Blood 2022



2 IN THE CHEST: Pioneers of the Unconventional West

"2 IN THE CHEST isn't simply a band; it's an enthralling expedition across time and creativity. Their universe transports you to the 1800s Old West, blending fact and fiction seamlessly to craft an unforgettable musical saga.

Hailing from Arizona, this ensemble, led by the captivating Reverend Blackmore Jackson McBride (known as Reverend Black), is a powerhouse of talent. Reverend Black's lead vocals and guitar set the stage, complemented by Velvet De Blonko's expert drumming and Mary Ella O'Sullivan's distinctive bass, fostering a unique family bond on stage.

Adding depth is Kimby the Mason McDaniels, contributing rhythm guitar and backing vocals, while Jameson Jack Coburn's lead guitar weaves the Old West's enchantment into their sound, creating epic sonic journeys.

Each member embodies a distinct character, making their performances immersive. Their journey began in 2006, evolving with additions like Velvet De Blonko in 2007. Fully unveiling their Old West concept in 2010, they've captivated audiences since.

Their albums like "Iron Smoke & Spit" (2016), "Lead Jacket in a Pine Box" (2019), and "Heroes' Blood" (2022) showcase storytelling through tracks like "Mama Cried" and "Davy Crocket," pushing boundaries with fresh vocal dynamics.

Currently crafting their fourth record, the band is set to redefine music storytelling. Invitations to events and festivals across the US affirm their impact, offering a unique blend of music and visual delight that even Disney would appreciate.

Supporting 2 IN THE CHEST isn't just endorsing music; it's embracing a mesmerizing journey through history and imagination. Their potential for marketing success is evident, and their commitment to innovation makes them a compelling investment. Join those who champion this musical movement, transcending time and space."