It is not hard to believe what has actually gone into the creation of this incredible marketing masterpiece when you really think about it.

It is the classic dream, my dream, but none the less a dream.

2 IN THE CHEST was dreamt up many years ago. To be honest I do not know the exact date, but it was right around 2006 or so.

Many ideas were thrown around about how to create a band like no other and to do that you really need to get fresh ideas.

This whole thing was brought on by me being introduced to KISS way back in the 70s when I was just a youngster.

I always wanted to do something different but could never find enough people that wanted to help me achieve this dream.

Well to make a long story short, I met someone Named Rachel and come to find out she was a drummer. And that did not happen until about a month after knowing her. Well one thing lead to another and Wala here we are. Yes there is a ton more details in all this, but to keep the reader entertained; I will try and use the exciting stuff.

The stile of 2 in the chest came with time. It took me several years to shape Rachel (aka Velvet) into the drummer 2 in the chest needed. In doing all this shaping we also shaped the 2 in the chest music style. We have gone through many musicians to get the ones we have now and one very amazing event is when one of Rachel and my Children started performing with us on stage. She was about 4 years old when she first got on stage playing percussion type things such as tambourine and a few other noise making instruments but then she showed some interest in drums and she being a very blessed young lady was able to pick it up very quickly.

After some time she grew tired of drums because she did not like hiding behind the drum set, she wanted to be up front with the crowd. So she decided to try bass and luck would have it; we needed a bass player at the time so after she learned about 15 songs in roughly a month or so, yes she picked up the bass like she had been playing it for years.

So this is where we are now. Three guitar player’s, bass player and drummer. We are looking to add more people to the 2itc family really soon.

So who are 2 IN THE CHEST? We are a “Head to Toe Lyrics to Logo Full Concept band. Everything in some way shape or form is related to the 1800s old west. In short we are Dead Cowboys from the 1800s. Each with his or her own story grafted into the full designed story of 2 IN THE CHEST. We hope to someday turn the 2itc story into a full length movie of Wild West super heroes looking for the faceless three that took their souls.

We have to date released 3 full length records the third being the longest as it is over an hour long.

1st “IRON SMOKE AND SPIT” this record was dedicated to the native Indians that lost so much.

2nd “LEAD JACKET IN A PINE BOX:  this one is filled with some very action packed story’s and the videos if they are ever made would all be short movies eight to thirty plus minutes long.

3rd “HEROES’ BLOOD” this one was a two thirds concept album directly related to visiting the Alamo back in 2017 when we went on a US tour.

Our shows are way more than just getting on stage and performing music. Our shows have custom build sets with many props and special care taking to the delivery of each performance.

We hope to someday perform to thousands of people giving them an audio visual performance that they will never forget.

To those that read this that are looking for a band to financially back, we are a marketing gold mine that will bring in revenue for generations.

More Information: We build all our own guitars as they have to match the concept. We make all out own stage costumes as well as the design and creation of each members mask. All art work is done by us as well. We really love what we do and hope to someday have the man power to do it more often.

Peace Love & 2 IN THE CHEST. We love each and every one of you awesome Metal Meatbags.