Heroes' Blood 2022

Sunday, October 23, 2022

2 IN THE CHEST Updates for all the metal meatbag fans in the dust bowl we call 2 IN THE CHEST


Hello all you amazing southern metal Meatbags. We just wanted to reach out to you all and let you know that even though things are crazy in the world right now, we are working hard on the new and improved 2 IN THE CHEST live show.

We have dedicated a great deal of time and money into this new show, so that you can separate from all the negativity that’s going on in this crazy world right now, and dive into over an hour of visual and audio entertainment.

This new Record has really set the bar high for a fourth record when that happens. But let’s get this one rolling before we get off track.

We have dedicated this record to the brave men and women that fought and died courageously at the Alamo. And the stage show will reflect that story to say the least.

We know that you guys want more from the world’s only rustic outlaw southern hard rock/metal band, so we are busting our tail to give you that awesome show you have come to expect from 2 IN THE CHEST.

The record will begin with a battle going on and through fiction and non-fictional stories, and we will lead you through a dynamic explosion through bouts of sadness, ear to ear laughter and happiness, anger and of course love and compassion for the characters in the stories.

The road to bring you all of this entertainment has been long and hard, but we are very confident that you will be very pleased, and hope that you will show your gratitude by purchasing the new record and attending one of our live performances.

The Reverend Blackmore Jackson McBride has been chomping at the bit to bring you all a live performance you will tell to your grandchildren. And we feel that he and the rest of that extremely loving family may have just achieved his dream of that very show.

We will be seeking people to join up with the Dead and help with the live show. They are definitely going to need it. There is a lot that goes into the set up execution of the performance and tear down of all the stage show after the performance.

If you are interested in being part of the Dust Crew there are many positions that need to be filled for these performances, please contact us.

We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing by patiently waiting for this new release.
Be blessed each and every one of you. Peace Love and 2 IN THE CHEST